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Black Girl Travel Journal (Digital) NOW Available! Only $5.55


HOLA, Buenas Tardes!!

I am so very excited to announce the release of my BLACK GIRL TRAVEL JOURNAL. I created this journal with you in mind.

I have so much information on traveling, I thought maybe my lovies could use a travel companion to document all the exciting journeys to come. 

Prices are super affordable, so visit me on Etsy and pick up your copy today.
I also have a special going if you buy two you get 20% off your total sale.

A huge thank you to everyone that has purchased a copy, I truly and deeply hope that you will enjoy your new Black Girl Travel Journal. 

There are many variations available. 
I am sure that you will find one to suit your taste and style. 

🌍✈️ Unleash Your Wanderlust with this 20-Page Digital Black Girl Travel Journal! ✈️🌍
Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey around the globe? Say goodbye to traditional travel journals and welcome the Digital Black Girl Travel Journal. A 20 page innovative, interactive companion that will take your wanderlust to new heights! And YES it has operable toggle  page tabs.

✨ Capture the Essence of Exploration:
Experience the thrill of travel and preserve every captivating moment with my Digital Black Girl Travel Journal. From breathtaking landscapes to bustling city streets, this journal is your gateway to capturing the essence of your adventures in stunning detail. Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and flavors of each destination, and let your memories unfold on these digital pages.

✨ Seamless Organization:
No more scattered memories or lost souvenirs! Our Digital Black Girl Travel Journal is designed to keep your travel experiences beautifully organized. With intuitive navigation and a user-friendly interface, effortlessly access your journal entries and memories. Rediscover the magic of your past journeys with ease and relive your cherished memories whenever you desire.

✨ Travel-Friendly Features:
Our digital travel journal is packed with features that make it the ultimate travel companion:
🌐 Interactive: Take a virtual trip back to your favorite destinations via your interactive journal! Record your exact location, mark must-see landmarks, and trace the routes you've traveled. It's a visual feast that allows you to relive your journey.

🌟 Unique Prompts: Overcome writer's block and unlock your storytelling potential! Our Digital Black Girl Travel Journal offers a collection of unique interactive lessons tailored to inspire your travel narratives. From heartwarming encounters to adrenaline-filled adventures, let these lessons guide you as you weave your travel tales.

🔗 Digital Integration: Seamlessly sync your digital travel journal across your devices. Whether you're exploring on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, your journal is always at your fingertips. Capture spontaneous moments, record observations, and update your journal on the go, making it a true companion for your global escapades.

✨ A Timeless Keepsake:
The Digital Black Girl Travel Journal isn't just a temporary travel companion—it's a treasure for a lifetime. As you fill its virtual pages with your globetrotting stories, it becomes a timeless keepsake that you can revisit whenever wanderlust strikes. Relish the nostalgia, share your experiences, and let your travel memories transport you to far-off lands.

✨ Perfect for All Adventurers:
Whether you're a seasoned explorer or a globetrotting novice, our Digital Black Girl Travel Journal is perfect for all adventurers. Fuel your passion for travel, ignite your creativity, and chronicle your journey like never before. It's the perfect companion to accompany you on your expeditions and a testament to the incredible places you've seen and experienced.

⚡️ Set Sail on an Unforgettable Adventure with the Digital Black Girl Travel Journal! ⚡️Note: This is a digital product. Upon purchase, you will receive a download link for the Digital Travel Journal compatible with popular note-taking applications. Let your travel memories come alive in the digital realm and embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery today!

The Black Girl Travel Journal! 
There's nothing like this for sure!

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Tia Niki’s Worthiness Workout Workshop - Join Me!


Tia Niki’s Virtual Interactive Self-Worth Workshop YouTube Online Event!  (Free Webinar)

Join me on YouTube on 
Monday JULY 10th 6:00PM CDMX/ 5pm PDT / 7pm CDT / 8pm EDT

Unleash your inner confidence! Join my LIVE FREE Interactive Self-Worth Exercise and discover the true power within you. Embrace self-love, boost your confidence, and manifest your dreams. Say yes to a brighter future and start your journey now!

 As we get older, time becomes the most important factor in our lives and it's with discernment that we must focus on what matters most. Knowing your worth will help you elevate your game so that you can obtain levels of satisfaction and achievement that otherwise would not be afforded to you. See, in life things will not descend to meet you … you must rise to the occasion. You must elevate your energetic field, your vibratory level to meet that which you want, and it is completely and absolutely obtainable and sustainable.

 So, join me for an exciting interactive self-worth exercise that will expand your imagination. Come ready to delve deep, to challenge yourself to move to your next level and to participate in an event that will leave you open to change for more confidence.

 We are going to do the Work!

FREE: Embrace Your Worth Companion Workbook

Registration for LIVE Worthiness Webinar:
YouTube Webinar Information: Information of Webinar in Video

Thank you, See you there!
Tia Niki 

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Dating 'N Merida! Let's Get Personal (For My Ladies)


Why are we talking about this topic? Because I am a single black woman living in a foreign country and ladies want answers. I've been single for several years, and never even entertained dating again until I moved to Merida. 

Special shout-out 
To my new subscribers, my new followers thank you for being on board with me and taking this journey with me. 
If you haven't seen my last blog and vlog, please go out and 
Check it out: Why Stay in the USA and remember to share. 

In my video we did discussed that women make up the majority of people that have moved here from USA/North America and that they are single or part of a family unit. There has also been an influx of visitors and prospective residents. Women and families have moved here for varied reasons. There is an abundance of single particularly black women that live in Merida Mexico. 

We discussed the limited access to quantity and/or quality single men in Merida. Also opening options to dating outside of y/our race or culture. When considering moving abroad has that ever crossed your mind?


We also talked about the ages of dating. A lot of my subscribers and viewers are Elder Millennials, GenX, and Boomers so the dating field or landscape looks much different as you get older. However, there is a young demographic of females that reside in Merida Mexico. What does dating look like for them? I was unable to get an interview with the woman that has date in Merida however that is forthcoming. I'm going to interview somebody and get their particular experience, perspective and the outcome of dating locally.

I have been single and abstinent for quite a some time. During this time, I have been able to develop my business, make a major comeback from homelessness, and move to not only a different city but an entirely different country. I personally don't know if I would have been able to execute my personal goals if I had a distraction in my life that required me to be responsible for their happiness and comfort.

Singlehood: An Opportunity to Heal

Since the United States of America is a very masculine country with very aggressive energy women have been affected and traumatized, plagued or discomforted not only by present issues but past issues within relationships. Individually and collectively, we have suffered at the hands of a patriarchal system and masculinity at every corner, including females who have taken on this energy (i.e., Karen's and Keisha's). 

When taking on the opportunity and the grand adventure of moving abroad I think it's imperative that you put self-care first. Take advantage of your singlehood and work on self. Living a abroad can afford you the opportunity and the environment to dig deep within yourself and heal past trauma from negative relationships and the DNA that runs through our blood from our grandmothers to our great grandmothers who had to operate and function in an masculine environment, industry, and home.

There's the issue of safety, date rape, and SA in the states. I personally believe living abroad gives you the opportunity to focus less on this subject and on so much of your energy on protecting yourself and opening your vessel so that you are approachable, which sometimes does not happen in the States because we're always focused on self-security. I also believe that living and dating abroad affords women the opportunity to find or receive the man that they deserve. 

Another caveat is having a travel partner and not particularly being focused on a long-term or serious relationship but finding someone to travel and explore this beautiful plane we where we live. 

Self-awareness and self-realization is the cherry on top! It's been difficult, and a lot of women have supported, nurtured and loved everyone else besides themselves and this type of emotion and mental support has not been reciprocated in the state as a whole. Enough is enough!

 You First Always PERIOD!

The oxygen Mass Theory is a life lesson. You must secure your own mask for oxygen to live before you can help the next person. As you go through your healing journey create a sacred place of healing of your choice, I encourage you to connect with a support group, a community of loving and strong women. 

Creating a sacred space for you, is a place where you can download and upload. It's imperative that you reach into the crevices that's where the healing roots and be convicted in being the best version of yourself that you can absolutely be.

Surround yourself with people that get you, that understand you, that can agree to disagree with love. A person, friend, or community you can learn from and grow with over time.

It's important for women to understand that you are exhausted from living in a low vibrational, masculine and very aggressive society and this energy is depleting. It's imperative to release generational trauma relationship trauma. Women are sacrificial for family, friends, career, husband, etc. and this can take a toll on you. 

Younger ladies: It is vitally important who we marry and who we decide to have children with for impacts the very existence of our well-being. Make sound decisions based on intellect and not emotional decisions that can negatively alter the course of your life.

I encourage you to reestablish broken relationships with females, with mothers, with daughters, with aunts, and nieces. 

We are now in the age of Aquarius, and Divine Feminine is Rising. 

 I'll Leave You with Some Homework!

Very Very important!

Paths of change and healing require women come to a resolute investment in soul searching deep within themselves. 

I encourage single ladies who have had issues with relationships with men, whether in the USA or abroad to check out Princella The Queen Maker. She is not for the weak at mind or the faint at heart. She brings the real deal and she shows you exactly how men think; We as women have not been taught  ... as young women or as adults .... how men think. We think they think like us... they do not check her out

LISTEN: Princella The Queen Maker Interview

Click the pic for her High Powered Podcast YouTube Channel!

Her information is in your face. If you are sensitive to strong language be warned! If you can get passed that, she is ON POINT and her interview is FULL of truth. NOW innerstand ... This will NOT be for EVERYBODY but who it's for .... it's for! 

I truly hope this message penetrates your heart space and encourages to take a chance on YOU!

Whether you are stationed in the USA or looking to visit or live abroad, relationships are most times at the forefront of our lives. Take this opportunity to focus on yourself. 

The most important, liberating, and rewarding relationship you will ever have is with yourself. 

Invest, think, write and act on your dreams!

Tia Niki

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Why Stay in the USA? Benefits & Solutions to Help You Move Abroad!

Welcome Back to my Blog...

Why stay in the USA? If you missed My Last Video, it was a banger packed with information on how to leave the U.S. BS!

We covered reasons to leave, the benefits of relocation, and solutions on how to make your move. No matter your circumstance there is a map for you, however it does require your conviction, your intention, and your resolute. The rewards are often big when undertaking large endeavors.

Most of us are aware of the issues that we have personally when wanting to leave the United states to live a better quality of life. We're going to cover a list of general issues that plague Americans. Issues that American's face every day based on my knowledge, experience and awareness. This compiled list is also based on other individuals’ experiences. Sadly, as I wrote my list it got longer and longer however you know Tia Niki, we never stay down, we always rise up.

After this poignant list, we will move on to the benefits of country relocation and how to do it.

Valid Reasons to Consider When Deciding to Leave the U.S. BS  

Let's Go!  

  • Air pollution (air quality/chemtrails)
  • Crime (Mass Shootings/Killings)
  • Indoctrination
  • Credit and debt system
  • Politics
  • Relationless encounters and interactions including lack within family and friends.
  • The pain in our DNA from our ancestors experiencing slavery in the United States
  • The US is out of touch with the rest of the world and think that they are the best.
  • Violence particularly against women
  • Systemic racism/The racial divide
  • Poor nutrition and health system with no universal healthcare. Doctors are reactive and not proactive.
  • The price of food and homes. 
  • The average citizen is surviving and not living. Living paycheck to paycheck and homelessness is one check away.
  • The work, eat, sleep, repeat routine.
  • Extreme poverty & homelessness
  • Celebrity worshipping
  • Policing or lack thereof
  • Over sexualization of teens and young women
  • No strong role models other than the entertainment industry
  • The glass ceiling with sports or being a star the pinnacle of success
  • Local government all the way to federal government non-accountability 
  • The isms: racism, ageism, colorism, classism, sexism.
  • Repetitive movies of our culture: slave narrative or crime syndicate narrative.
  • Low vibrational energy due to the violence and food
  • Fear mongering
  • Media and news
  • Lack of civil compassion and empathy
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Prison industrial complex

Universally, the US is known for the 3m's money movies and music. It's interesting to listen to what other countries think of the "United" States without bias. Opinions vary however there are certain themes that cannot be ignored or dismantled

I personally think that the items in the above list are crimes against humanity

****Now let's excitingly, move on to the benefits of relocating to a place that will give you the solitude and the level of lifestyle that you desire, require, and deserve

  • First and foremost a minimum wage is a living wage in most countries dollar power. 
  • Living instead of surviving
  • Better health and nutrition options
  • Cleaner air
  • Better government policies that watch out for the people
  • Under sexualized towards young adults and teens
  • Until an emotional clarity and overall health improvement
  • Warmer weather
  • Nicer and kinder of people
  • Low to no violence no mass killings or shootings
  • No isms 
  • A place to reset and emotionally or psychologically heal.
  • A chance to credit reset and get your finances in order.
  • An opportunity to find your tribe or friends from different areas of the world.
  • Freedom of expression
  • An opportunity to reconnect with nature.
  • No fear/feeling safe.
  • Work life balance
  • Affordable living
  • Aesthetically beautiful no more brown, beige, and gray buildings. Living in a colorful environment.
  • Time to exhale, decompress and grow.
  • Good food healthy vegetables and fruit
  • Peace of mind
  • New culture to explore.
  • Possible travel since your dollars are stretching further.
  • Great healthcare system and doctors
  • Available services (such as doctors’ visits, pharmacy, Rappi and DiDi delivery in Mérida)
  • Feeling accepted and embraced
  • High vibrational locations: good people, good food, good nature, makes a good you!

  • #1 invest in yourself, and your future is never too late.
  • #2 to heal thyself take steps towards healing your past pains and focusing on the NOW.
  • #3 validate your self-worth.
  • #4 acknowledge your fears and take their power away!
  • #5 conviction on what you truly want and using your strengths. 
  • Next procreate empathy and self-compassion it is very essential to validating your self-worth.
  • Deal with family matters face to face and handle them with your best self in mind.
  • DECIDE. You must make a decision so that the universe can support your vision and supply your needs.
  • Lastly, Take Action! Think, write, act. Plan your future and taking control of your destiny.
***Change is inevitable, you can choose your route so choose wisely.***

Activity Based Solutions
  • Classes 
  • Courses
  • Consultations
  • Take advantage of YouTube University free and open 24/7
  • Partner with others
  • Find, create, or develop a niche.’
  • Continue working your present job or retain or obtain an online job; remember a minimum wage equal a living wage abroad.
  • Save and invest money.
  • Take a chance which equals a change.
  • Join groups that support your niche or personal goals!
  • Take your time and plan your purpose.
  • And finally stay motivated, connected, and inspired.

Take action towards your goals!

This information will help you move to your next level in life. You can indeed do it, however sometimes you need a road map, tools, resources, or guidance to help you along your way. My Cut The Cord Course: A Guide on How to Leave the U.S. BS can help you navigate through some of the above-mentioned challenges, benefits and solutions.

If you desire change, the journey is in your hands. Trust yourself to make the best decision for the life changing experience that you envision. You deserve to live the best version of you and if you're not experiencing it where you are, there indeed is a place for you.

Remember I'm always here if you need a consultation, please visit me and invest in yourself by taking the course, it'll help you to navigate through to your desired outcome. 

Until next time.

w/love Tia Niki

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

The Ultimate Blog to Business Ownership in Merida

This blog provides an avenue of revenue to help generate an income for your move.

We cover business ownership, a platform to build a sustaining income and revenue that can not only assist you but elevate you to the level of comfort you desire while living abroad. 

I provide options so that you can materialize and manifest your dream to remove yourself from the US BS.

Whether you are a current business owner, aspiring, or new to the game of networking and brand building, your business in Merida matters.

We get into the details of building, legal implications, and HOW TO create and sustain a lucrative business.

For owners, entrepreneurs and folks that want to make their own money, Here are some solutions, resources, and ideas!


Minimum wage equals a living wage in Merida. You simply don't need to make that much money whether you work for a company or start your own business. FIND YOUR NICHE' develop and improve it. YouTube University is a great place to start. Take courses, network, and POUR into yourself!

What's going on is bigger than you and me, it's a MOVEment! So, don't limit your options to a destination that fits your lifestyle. 

Starting a US based Business in Merida

Starting a U.S.-based business in Mérida, Mexico, can be an exciting venture. It offers the opportunity to tap into the growing Mexican market while benefiting from Mérida's strategic location and favorable business environment. Here are some key steps to consider when starting a U.S.-based business in Mérida.

1. Market Research: Conduct comprehensive market research to identify the demand for your products or services in Mérida and the surrounding areas. Understand the local competition, consumer preferences, and market trends to position your business effectively.

2. Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Familiarize yourself with the legal and regulatory requirements for establishing a business in Mexico. Consult with legal professionals who specialize in international business to ensure compliance with Mexican laws, including business registration, permits, licenses, and tax obligations.

3. Business Structure: Determine the most suitable business structure for your venture, such as a wholly owned subsidiary, joint venture, or branch office. Consider the implications of each structure on taxation, liability, and operational control.

4. Seek Professional Advice: Engage local professionals who can provide guidance and expertise in navigating the legal, financial, and administrative aspects of starting a business in Mérida. This may include lawyers, accountants, and business consultants who are familiar with the local regulations and business practices.

5. Establish Local Presence: Identify a physical location for your business in Mérida. Consider factors such as accessibility, proximity to target customers or suppliers, and the availability of necessary infrastructure.

6. Obtain Permits and Licenses: Work with local authorities to obtain the necessary permits and licenses required to operate your business legally in Mérida. This may include municipal permits, health and safety certifications, and industry-specific licenses.

7. Recruitment and Human Resources: Hire local talent to support your business operations. Familiarize yourself with Mexican labor laws, employment contracts, and employee benefits to ensure compliance. Consider engaging a local HR consultant to assist with hiring and managing human resources.

8. Financial Considerations: Open a local business bank account to facilitate financial transactions in Mexico. Ensure you have a clear understanding of the local tax system, including corporate taxes, value-added tax (VAT), and payroll taxes. Engage the services of a local accountant to manage your financial affairs and ensure compliance with Mexican tax regulations.

9. Cultural Sensitivity and Adaptation: Develop an understanding of Mexican business culture and etiquette. Adapt your business practices, communication styles, and marketing strategies to resonate with the local population. Building strong relationships based on trust and respect is crucial for success.

10. Networking and Partnerships: Engage with local business associations, chambers of commerce, and industry groups to expand your network and foster strategic partnerships. Participate in relevant events and conferences to connect with potential customers, suppliers, and collaborators.

11. Language and Communication: While many Mexicans speak English, having a basic knowledge of Spanish can greatly facilitate business interactions and build stronger relationships. Consider hiring bilingual staff or engaging the services of professional translators when necessary.

12. Marketing and Localization: Customize your marketing efforts to suit the local market. Consider cultural nuances, language preferences, and local media channels for effective marketing campaigns. Leverage digital marketing strategies to reach your target audience in Mérida and beyond.

Starting a U.S.-based business in Mérida requires careful planning, research, and collaboration with local experts. By following these steps and adapting your business strategy to the local market, you can establish a successful presence in Mérida, Mexico.

How to Conduct and Operate a Business in Merida

Mérida, the capital city of the Mexican state of Yucatán, offers numerous opportunities for conducting business. With its growing economy, strategic location, and favorable business environment, it has become an attractive destination for both local and international entrepreneurs. Here are some key points to consider when conducting business in Mérida:

1. Understand the Business Environment: Familiarize yourself with the local business culture, customs, and regulations. Mexican business practices often involve building personal relationships, so it is crucial to establish connections and network with local professionals.

2. Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Ensure that you comply with all legal requirements for establishing and operating a business in Mérida. Register your company with the appropriate authorities and obtain the necessary permits and licenses.

3. Language and Communication: While Spanish is the official language in Mérida, many business professionals also speak English. However, it is advisable to have some basic knowledge of Spanish to facilitate communication and build stronger relationships.

4. Business Networking: Mérida has a vibrant business community with various networking opportunities. Attend business events, join local chambers of commerce, and participate in industry conferences to meet potential partners, clients, and suppliers.

5. Local Partnerships: Collaborating with local partners or hiring local employees can help navigate the business landscape more effectively. They can provide valuable insights, help establish connections, and assist in understanding local market dynamics.

6. Workforce and Talent: Mérida boasts a young and educated workforce. Consider tapping into the local talent pool by hiring skilled professionals who can contribute to the success of your business. Be mindful of labor laws and employment regulations.

7. Infrastructure and Connectivity: Mérida has a well-developed infrastructure, including transportation, logistics, and communication networks. The city is served by an international airport and has good connectivity with other major cities in Mexico and beyond.

8. Market Research and Localization: Conduct thorough market research to understand the needs, preferences, and purchasing power of the local market. Adapt your products, services, and marketing strategies to cater to the specific demands of Mérida's consumer base.

9. Financial Considerations: Understand the local tax system, banking services, and financial regulations. Seek professional advice from local accountants and legal experts to ensure compliance and optimize your financial operations.

10. Cultural Sensitivity: Embrace the local culture and show respect for local customs and traditions. Building strong relationships and demonstrating cultural sensitivity can go a long way in establishing trust and credibility with local partners and clients.

 11. Government Support: Explore government programs, incentives, and grants available to businesses in Mérida. The Mexican government actively promotes investment and entrepreneurship, and you may find opportunities to leverage their support.

12. Sustainability and Social Responsibility: Mérida places increasing importance on sustainability and social responsibility. Emphasize environmentally friendly practices and contribute positively to the local community to enhance your reputation and brand image.

Remember that the above points serve as general guidance, and it is essential to conduct thorough research and consult with local experts to tailor your business strategy to Mérida's specific characteristics and opportunities.

have been a business owner for many years. I started my first business in 2015. It was hard work, and I was much younger, and I am definitely thankful many years later that I did the work then. Now I'm able to conduct business. I understand business matters and my goal is to help you to understand in depth according to your niche how to execute business correctly functionally and consciously. 

My goal is to provide avenues of revenue to assist you with your move, and to let you know that it is indeed sustainable, maintainable, and obtainable.

 I hope the above information has helped.

 As always, do your research according to your niche. Or investigate creating a niche according to your skills and abilities. If you need professional help, please seek a consultant that can guide you based on proven experience.

w/love, Tia

Black Girl Travel Journal (Digital) NOW Available! Only $5.55

  HOLA, Buenas Tardes!! I am so very excited to announce the release of my BLACK GIRL TRAVEL JOURNAL . I created this journal with you in mi...